Are you looking for Christina Shion, a Magical Molly! Reboot Series character which is based on Shion Chisato from Suzune Magica?



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Puella Magi Chris
Name Christine Hibi (日比クリスティーナ Hibi Christina)
Age 13
Soul Gem Green topped with a little Candy (^^)
Contract Wish That she could have a new sister
Weapon Mace
Wish-Related Abilities Unknown
Birthday May 6
Zodiac Taurus
Height 4'7
Weight 86 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type O-
Appears In A Magical Girl's Fantasy
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Christina is Christine's little sister. When she heard that Christine has become a witch, she was very upset, as her sister is gone. When she met Kyubey, she wished that she had another sister, and that was when Amelia was born.

In the end of Anastasia's Magical Wish, she stops Kyubey by saying that she wants to become a Magical Girl. (Due to the author's inactivity so Puella Magi Christina Magica: The Fate of a Twin isn't made) What happened after this is unknown.

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