Barloby Brezzle
バーロビー ブレゼル Baarobii Burezeru
Barloby Homestuck
Alias(es)The Sylph of the Sea
SeasonLolita Pop
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorBlue
RelativesGatoro Brezzle (younger brother)
Alter EgoSagittarus Melody
WeaponPoseidonia (Archery Weapon)
Theme ColorBlue (main)

Barloby is one of the trolls of Lolita Pop. She is titled as The Sylph of the Sea (海のシルフ Umi no Shirufu?).


Barloby is the fiercest and the strongly female bond of the group, but becomes gentle and soft if alone or partnered.

Her love life begins with a small crush on Shanagi Marlurn


Like all trolls, Barloby appears to have grey skin, but have blue, short hime-cut hair. Her candy corn-colored horns are almost similar to Equius's, but almost big. Barloby's atttire contains a black mini dress that reaches her thighs and a blue Saggitarus symbol on the center. There are large, lime green sections arond the bottom of her dress, which matches her headband and her boots.

Sagittarus Melody


  • Barloby is the genderbent version of Equius Zahhak of the Homestuck series.
  • Out of the twelve trolls, Barloby is the ninth reference of the Zodiac symbols. Her symbol is Sagittarus, thus her Puella Magi ego and the blue symbol.
  • Barloby's Puella Magi attire almost ressembles to be Sailor Neptune's from Sailor Moon.
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