Aoki is a pen name of the famous person who drew a comic book called: "Sunshine Sketch", which it sold more than a milllion copies.

Kristen Margaret is a fan of her.


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    Voice Actress:
    • ??? (English, TV Series)
    • Ume Aoki (Japanese)
  • As stated by the character's pen name, Aoki is a fictionalized version of the real-life manga artist Aoki Ume, who had made Hidamari Sketch, & also provides character designs for Madoka Magica, & Sanarara.
    • She also voiced Ume-Sensei, and herself as a cameo in one Episode of Hidamari Sketch (pictured from the right).
  • Her name is pronounced as Ah-oh-kee, not eh-oh-kee.

Foreign names

  • Japanese - アオキ(Aoki)