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Akako as a magical girl

Akako is a magical girl in Mitakihara city. She was contracted on the date of February 14, 2011. She is a magical girl who wears glasses as a way of discovering things about a witch with her powers.


Akako has red hair that is tied in a blue bow. She has brown eyes and wears silver glasses. She wears black boots, and black pants and she has a red belt on her black pants. Her soul gem is red and her top part of her magical girl outfit is red and black as well.


Akako is a really average person. She doesn't understand certain human emotions and often forgets she is talking to humans. She usually talks about battle and upgrades and so most of her conversations are very one-wayed. She can often sound very human like except during battle.


Akako was created to be artificial inteligence, originally for the government. It waas a while before scientists realized she was useless and they threw her out. Akako was very devastated, now thrown into a world she had never been a part of. She wandered around before discovering a witch. She managed to escape, but she could not fight it.

Akako went to Kyuubey to form a contract after months of searching. Kyuubey said it was impossible for her to form a contract because she was a robot, and had no soul. And Akako's wish was, in a odd turn of events, to gain a soul. This was granted, therefore allowing her to become a magical girl. 

People believe Akako was a sucker and she tricked herself out of a wish. The truth was, this was the exact opposite. Akako didn't care for a wish, she just wanted a purpose in life. She achieved this purpose by making a contract, therefore, she had her wish granted.

After this Akako successfully fought Witches with ease. Her scanning ability planted in by the scientists who made her was quite helpful, and she almost never needed help. Whenever she did need help, she turned to two magical girls in Mitakihara city named Chiyo and Miya. Eventually, she was introduced to all of Chiyo and Miya's magical girl friends as well.



Abilities and Powers

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