The first episode of Anastasia's Magical Wish.


Anastasia Komusome, a.k.a. Stacey, who is a Puelian, leaves her world of Puella Magi to go to Earth to fight witches. She meets Christine Hibi, a human, who secretly knows about her world. A Puella Magi, Jamie, becomes defeated by a witch, Tiana, and becomes one herself. Luckily, Stacey defeats both of them. However, Christine was watching. When she transforms back into her human form, Stacey admits to her she's a Puella Magi.


Puella Magi

Stacey (debut)
Jamie (turns into witch)





Soon-to-be Puella Magi

Christine (debut)




  • The episode starts in a world full of Puella Magi. An orange-haired one is about to go into the portal*

Orange-haired Puelian: Okay, this is it. I, Anastasia Komusome, will enter that portal to Earth in order to fight the witches that damage it. *goes through portal*

  • On Earth, the same portal opens, and Anastasia falls through it, now with yellow hair*

Anastasia: *lands on her bottom* Owww. Wait, what the heck is up with this look? Oh yeah, it's my human disguise. *walks along and bumps into a brown haired girl*

???: Heeeey!

Anastasia: Oh geez, I'm so sorry!

???: Oh, that's okay. Hi, *holds up hand to shake Anastasia's* I'm Christine.

Anastasia: *shake's Christine's hand* I'm Anastasia. But everyone calls me Stacey.

Christine: Hi, Stacey! Hey, you're the new kid, right?

Stacey: *nods*

Christine: *gets freaked out, grabs Stacey's hand, and runs* Come on, we're gonna be late for school!

  • After school, at Christine's house*

Stacey: Ah, so this is your place. You live alone?

Christine: *nods* My mom went missing, and my dad has been looking for her. So it's just me.

Stacey: *smiles* I know how your mom died!

Christine: *chibi crying face* Sh-she died?

Stacey: *frowns* No, why would she die?

Christine: *smiles* Oh, 'kay.

  • Meanwhile, a white-haired Puella Magi is fighting a witch named Tiana*

???: Okay, Tiana, let's have Jamie defeat you!

Tiana: Djjkfngiofiojapoekpknv! *hits Jamie, and she falls to the ground*

Jamie: O-ow......this pain, I've never felt........... *slowly she dies, her Soul Gem becomes a Greif Seed, and she becomes a witch*

  • Back at Christine's house, Stacey was watching it*

Christine: *notices* Are you okay, Stace?

Stacey: I-I'm okay. I gotta.......go. *runs off*

Christine: Stacey! *follows her*

  • Back with Jamie and Tiana, Stacey arrives and transforms into her Puella Magi form*

Stacey: Okay, you witches, it's Stacey time! *launches her attack, and Jamie and Tiana both die* YES!

Christine: Stacey? Was

Stacey: *gasp, then smiles* Christine....... *turns around as she returns to her human form* You saw right. I am.....a Puella Magi.

End of episode